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Love In Translation Magazine (Annual Subscription)

Love In Translation Magazine (Annual Subscription)


When you subscribe to Love In Translation, you’ll receive two copies annually—the first issue released in May 2024 and the next in October. You’ll receive issue one within two weeks and have early access to the October edition. 

Each purchase of Love In Translation is an act of preservation and a celebration of these stories that often go untold in media. As a heartfelt thank you for your support, each new subscriber will receive a free, Notion reflection journal designed to help you reflect on your experiences translating love across languages and borders. This bonus journal will be delivered to your email inbox immediately. We’d love for you to spend a quiet evening reflecting while waiting for your copy of Love In Translation to arrive. 

Issue one features stories by Kozza Babumba, Liz Benitez, Michaela Vargas Caro, Isabelia Herrera, Rachel Hislop, Jessica Jacolbe, Joél Leon, Erika Ramirez and Yesika Salgado. It was photographed by Audryana Cruz and designed by Sam Liacos.

To purchase solely issue one, buy here.